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Dambusters Avro Lancaster.


Image of Dambusters Avro Lancaster.
  • Image of Dambusters Avro Lancaster.

The 75th Anniversary of the Dambusters legendary mission, code named ’Chastise.’ The T-shirt shows Avro Lancaster AJ-G, flown by Wing Commander Guy Gibson. Gibson led RAF 617 Squadron on its legendary ‘bouncing bomb’ mission to destroy three dams in the Ruhr Valley. Against fearsome enemy fire, each Lancaster dropped spinning drum shaped bombs, from a height of just 18 m / 60 ft. The bombs skipped across the water of the dam, bouncing over protective torpedo nets, striking the dam wall and exploded after sinking 9 m.

The propaganda victory was perhaps of as great an importance as the material damage done to the enemy. The remarkable combination events of 75 years ago, are still remembered today, as the most audacious bombing mission of WWII.
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