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July 2022
What a summer, HOT! HOT! HOT!
I actually took a holiday, holiday. The first time I have travelled without a camera or two weighing me down, just an iPhone.
We visited good friends in the South of France and saw lots and lots of art in France and Germany.
Now I am back to working on the next book.
Go well.

December 2020. GOOD NEWS, my book The Vintage Aviator Ltd - Up Close and Personal can be shipped normally, worldwide, by a shipping company.

THE BOOK SHIPS NORMALLY, but magazines, T-shirts and prints are posted by me. Since I am now in lockdown, hiding from the Covid-zombies, I will not be visiting the post office and I have removed mags, Tees and prints from the shop until I can move freely again. Buy the TVAL book, it is more than worth it.

I send my very best wishes to you and yours,


November 2020. Post is normal to most areas, but Australia and New Zealand have closed their borders to international post.

August 2020. Covid-19 continues to cause delays. Post offices worldwide have large backlogs to clear and delivery times can be very long. 

January 2020.  My newly printed book has arrived, The Vintage Aviator Ltd – Up Close and Personal. A splendid giant of a book.

November 2017.   A very nice video review of Old Aeroplanes No.1.

October 2017.   All the photographs of The Vintage Aviator Ltd. aircraft, hangar and workshop have been processed. Some interviewing and the layout work still to be done.

25 July 2017.   Aerodrome Shop has been rebuilt. It looks a bit different to you and is much easier for me to operate. New products added, aviation prints and postcards. More to come.